Eastern escalator adopts the world’s most strict standard AS-1735 as well as EN115,Priority use of microcomputer variable frequency(VVVF) and ergonomics research and advanced manufacturing technology , We provide vast customers with high-precision, high-comfort and reliable quality escalator products which integrates economic , safety ,beauty and environmental protection. It’s excellent performance design and based on a solid complete production process and quality management system, more flexible in line with the needs of the two sides in the commercial and public transport. 

Our escalator portfolio covers all kinds of commercial escalator, passenger escalator, heavy-duty escalator, outdoor escalator, moving walks.

We can produce escalator with angel of inclination (Escalator: 300 / 350  ;Moving walks:00 -60 ,slope side walk:100 /110 /120)

The lifting height of escalator can up to 14000mm. 

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