Our Group

Eastern Group has several research centers and branch, in the region of  Oceania, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.Eastern products adopt advanced technology, key part component and advanced control system from Australia headquarter. With the group’s worldwide R&D manpower ,we lanch a lot of unique  Eastern elevator products. Absorbing the latest technologies and technical standard from Europe and America , Our Group independently developed and successfully designed side type elevator and international patent technology such as BMU (building maintenance system).Outstanding Eastern products are exported to the Asia -pacific region and rest of the world.

In the year of 1971,  Warren Watt decided to start a company building elevators. Finally Eastern Elevators was the name chosen.

To start a company that could manufacture elevators, certain criteria had to be met and a State Government Department named 'Department of Industrial Relations - Lift Section' was the body which had the ability to give the permission to start manufacturing.

 In the month of November, 1971, EASTERN was now officially able to manufacture elevators in compliance with the standard designs as approved,

On 22nd February, 1972, Eastern Elevators Pty Limited was incorporated, given the registration number 141846 and continued to be innovative in its design of elevators. These designs were for the standard Drum Drive Passenger Lift, Screw Drive Passenger Lift, Traction Drive Passenger Lift and Hydraulic Passenger Lift.

  In April of 1972, the first Passenger Lift, being a Drum Drive, was put into The Big River Hotel in Grafton, Northern New South Wales. 

  The real triumph for Eastern was the design of the cantilever lift, coming from the inventive mind of Warren Watt, this design revolutionised the lift industry, even though 'patents' were taken out for this design, very quickly lift companies all over the world had copied and manufactured this type of lift.

 Eastern Elevators are in many and varied buildings, such as hospitals, office buildings, apartment blocks, private homes and government buildings in Sydney and other cities.( Landmark project: Swiss Grand Hotel at Bondi Beach in Sydney, this was for two Glass Passenger Lifts in the atrium and for another six Passenger Lifts to service the guest rooms and the Service Lifts for the kitchens, Wollongong University; The new Macquarie University ;Westfield Shopping Centres, Passenger Lifts and Goods Lifts for these Shopping Centres in the Sydney suburbs of Liverpool, Hornsby and Burwood and etc.

 In the year of 1994: Eastern Elevators Pty Limited, Australia was invited to China to join with a local government owned elevator company as an intellectual partner, in PanYu, Guangzhou .

 In the year of 2000,Eastern Group first entered Chinese Market,Group established Guangzhou Eastern elevators Co., Ltd which has 10000 m2of workshop and Capacity :2000 units/ year of elevator, escalator. 


In the year of 2002, Eastern Group found the Chinese headquarter Chongqing Eastern elevators Co., Ltd in Chongqing municipality .Chongqing Eastern occupied area about 2,0000m2 of workshop and in which there are 1,600m2 of office building, equipped with testing tower over 60m high. Capacity : 6000 units/ year of elevator, escalator.


In the year of 2010, Eastern Group Corporate Singapore joint venture company Eastern elevator(Asia) pte which responsible for the sale, installation and after-sale service in the Singapore and region of southeast Asia.

In the year of 2012,we built the biggest elevator ,escalator production base in the Northwest region of China.It Located at new district of Lanzhou, include production base with 20000 units/ year of elevator, escalator capacity, covers 80000 ㎡- All-weather 99 m test tower, 6m/s super-high speed elevator which is the fasted one in the Northwest region of China., lifting height of 25 m escalator.